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December 20th, 2012
11:19 pm
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If this is to be goodbye

I consider the following unlikely, 12/21/12 or not. However, in virtually any scenario in which:

A) the world ends, and
B) my words outlast me, to be read by unspecified future parties,

then this is all the legacy I desire:

Judge them kindly.

— Baxil

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September 23rd, 2012
10:20 pm
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Baxil sighting opportunity
Just as a heads-up, I will be attending RainFurrest this coming weekend! It's rare for me to go to cons outside of northern California owing to financial/job issues, but I'm geting some logistical support from krdbuni and landed a few side jobs that earned me the money for airfare.

I might have a little time midweek before the con, if any Seattle folk want to see me. I hope to run into a lot of friends at the con, though! Speak up if you'd like to arrange some Baxil time. ]B=8)

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September 3rd, 2012
02:14 am
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way to go, spammers
Due to a relentless beating of commentspam over the last several weeks (now up to about 10 per day), I've finally disabled anonymous commenting on my journal.

1) Anyone who wants to speak up here can do so without an LJ account anyway; you can use OpenID with something like a Facebook or Dreamwidth (etc.) account.

2) Anonymous comments were screened by default and spamboxed by default. Not a single piece of spam posted was ever visible to the public. I reported everything I got. Didn't matter. It kept happening.

I kinda feel like this is the death knell of Web 1.0. There's just no place for naive openness any more (save perhaps Wikipedia, but even that's only safe due to aggressive moderation with a critical mass of users and administrators 24-7). I've been holding out as long as I could, but we're long past the point where unrestricted access (even with strict limits on what that access can do) makes sense for the Internet.

The frontier was nice while it lasted.

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August 30th, 2012
01:03 pm
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Saddled with tyranny
Alright, so: this OKCupid profile got linked on Twitter. The greatest highlight is that the "proud conservative American and brony" who "work(s) very hard to enmesh the philosophy of Ayn Rand within the framework of tolerance and love espoused by Pink Pie and friends" is "trying to finish the first draft of (his) e-book entitled Serfdom in Equestria, an expose on the liberal agenda slowly eroding freedom in the My Little Pony universe."

Things kinda escalated, and, um ... I may or may not have offered to play devil's advocate on that topic, in the service of sparking an interesting debate.


The "liberal agenda slowly eroding freedom" in Equestria is NOT Celestia's 1000+ years of absolute rule -- but Princess Luna's return.

[Princess Luna]


Consider these facts:
  • Celestia basically is Objectivist hero Mane Galt. Before the days of Equestria, there was a collectivized society in which unicorns shared control of the sun. A society so deeply dysfunctional that the three races of ponies destroyed a nation through the Tragedy of the Commons, and almost drove themselves extinct. Celestia's rise to power shows how the power of the productive individual will always create better results than a system of useless parasites. Since then, Celestia has managed the sun and guided the state to create a Randian utopia.

  • A thousand years ago, as the series tells us in its opener, Luna "... became resentful. ... One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn." Wait -- WAIT. What call could a non-parasite ever have to become resentful? If she was providing a legitimate service to Equestria, she could have simply withdrawn it, and the world would quickly crumple at its lack. Note she didn't withdraw her moon from society -- she used it to block the sun, source of crops and heat and light. Just like useless and illegitimate trade unions trying to leech off of benevolent industrialists, the only power this evil liberal has is to loot and destroy the products of others.

  • Celestia defeated Luna, of course. But she would retain within her the seeds of Equestria's future downfall: guilt. Alas, she could not be the perfect paragon of enlightened selfishness that Equestria deserved; she could not rid herself of the notion that kindness could have ever transformed the lunar looter's inherent uselessness.

  • So Luna returned from the moon and decreed that the night would last forever. Again, she was holding Equestria for ransom: confiscating ponykind's earnings by force. Classical big-state liberalism.

  • There was a fight, triangle won, and then ... Celestia gave half of the state's power to an unelected, unaccountable war criminal. What!

  • Look at the nightmare of modern liberalism demonstrated by Luna's return ... in fact, look at Nightmare Night (since that's the main evidence the show gives us). She waltzed into Ponyville when they were having a simple seasonal festival, and declared by fiat that they would change it into a celebration of excess. In honor of herself, naturally. When the citizens protested, she attacked them with sonic and biological weapons. Again the show of force to get her way. Liberals cannot change, they can only steal.

The solution is clear: it is time once again for Celestia to go Galt. Leave the resourceless mountain peak to the lunar looter and her useless minions of the state. Take all of Equestria's producers and retreat into the laissez-faire unregulated paradise of the Everfree Forest, and let an irredeemable society spasm in its death throes.

EDITED TO ADD: A friend writes via IM, "I do, however, think your conclusion is off. Celestia can no longer be trusted to act in her own best interests (*gag*). We need a new hero. And do you know who was founding an autonomous, self-sufficient utopia? Braeburn."

Of course! And the Appleloosans were putting to productive use land which the irrational and superstitious natives wanted to leave fallow. Titans of industry!

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July 16th, 2012
09:41 pm
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Children? I thought. Hitchhiking?

But there they were, three boys, maybe on the cusp of double-digits by the looks of them, standing in a clump by the freeway entrance with thumbs out.

I shook my head as I passed by them. I've got a track record of providing hitches, but this one wasn't to be. I was already late for my Ultimate Frisbee league game.* I couldn't in good conscience pick them up only to strand them somewhere besides their destination and make them hitch again, and I had no idea how far out of my way that would be. And, of course, there was the thought in the back of my mind that no, there's nothing at all creepy about a solitary middle-aged man** picking boys up from the side of the road; all it would take would be one panicked 911 call from a paranoid passerby to get me in legal trouble I simply didn't want to chance.

Still, it's hard passing by someone who needs help. My mind kept flashing back to the looks of disappointment on their faces. Especially that one wearing the helmet, leaning on his razor scooter*** ...


... wait.

Three kids, of the right age, with no parental supervision, throwing themselves into the unknown ...


(R63 humanized versions, but still. What.)

* * *

UPDATE, 7/19: @jessetruscott mentions that he was showing a My Little Pony design to a non-fan coworker, who looked at the Cutie Mark on the pony's hip and commented on the "tramp stamp".

... suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

* Our team won 15-13 in a grumpy and exhausted slug match. I realized only afterward why everyone was so fatigued and irritable despite a cooler evening than we've been used to recently: smoke.
** ... I'm turning 35 this Friday.
*** This post is 100%, unembellished, true.

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June 4th, 2012
08:16 pm
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Typed up to the sound of hail outside
Dear Month of June,

I wish I had happier occasion to write — you have long been a dear friend; hosting graduations and hikes and warm lazy days — but your outrageous behavior has forced our hands.

With regret, we must revoke your membership in the League of Summer Months, effective immediately.

The Northern California Chapter of LoSM takes its responsibilities seriously. Our bylaws are quite clear: golden-brown hills; cloudless skies; dwindling rivers; aggressive temperatures. We know that no month can adhere to those standards perfectly, and we do make allowance for the occasional thunderstorm or cold front; but nevertheless those are the ideals to which we strive.

Your first hailstorm resulted in a warning. Perhaps you thought we were joking, because the following year you tested our limits once again. It is only the desperate pleas of August which prevented your immediate dismissal, and you were warned that you would be strictly monitored for any further misbehavior.

Sadly, a third successive year of hail is too much for our patience. Please mail in your membership card. Your dues will not be refunded.

It is our fond hope that you seek a position in the Spring Coalition, which might be more tolerant of your lifestyle choices. (I understand that May has even been written a warning for her recent violation of the Snow Code.) We plan to extend a membership offer to September in the near future.


League of Summer Months membership coordinator
Northern California Chapter

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May 9th, 2012
08:30 pm
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This just happened:

I was walking to my vehicle to drive home. On the nearly-empty street, there was my car just past the corner; an empty space; another car; and empty space for the rest of the block.

A woman pulled around the corner, came to a stop alongside car #2, and began parallel parking into the space between us.

It was a snug fit, but she wedged her car in after pulling forward again to straighten out. Still walking, I got my keys out and crossed the street.

The car in front of her turned on its lights, cranked its engine, and pulled away.

I got into my car and drove off.

Elapsed time from meticulous parallel parking job to otherwise empty street: 12.6 seconds.

So, if you're having the sort of day where the universe seems to be laughing at you ... just remember, it's not all bad. Because that could have been you.


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January 23rd, 2012
08:08 pm
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Dragon sighting
Hot damn.

Larger. Source. Previously; also.

Happy Year of the Dragon!

(Edit: Locked comments due to spam)



November 15th, 2011
02:33 am
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SO THERE's been too many ponies areound here! Ponies are not manly like greek fighters. This is a misteak that must be remediated!

I went to see the movie IMMORTALS and it blew my manhood away! I dunno if you'll see it bcuz you might not own a movie theater, but luckily I am writing the OFFICIAL NOVELLATION of the movie!!! Ok, the 2ND official novellation, because I found a script on the Internet for an earlier version of the movie. I know bcuz the tittle was almost the same.

So I olficially wrote this with official movie plot using the earlier script as a guide!!! I hope ... you enjoy it!

My Immortals

By Trogdor69300


(AN: AN means Author's Note!!! so now u know)

Chapter 1

Hi my name is Theseus Meat'arm Testosticlës McFight Guy and I have big rippling pecs (that's how I got my fist middle name) with leather straps and a spear that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like King Lionidas (AN: if u like purrsins get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Perseus but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie. Zeus is my real dad but I don't know that bcuz he cant tell any1. I have manly tanned skin like spartians. I'm also a fighter, and I take sparran lessons from Zues in my village where i dont wanna have girlfriends bcuz every1 hates me (I'm seventeen). I'm angry about being hated bcuz my mom got raped and stuff. So I got so depressed that I became a fighter and converted to spratanism.

For example I was practicing as a fighter one day. I was wearing a leather armor in v shaped stripes. I was wearing black tussled hair to show off my manly face. I was wearing rippled muscles and hot looking like spratan. It was hot and sunny so there was no cold, which I was very happy about bcuz I could take off my cloak and flex my mussels. A lot of soldiers stared at me. I gave them my middle finger.

"Hey Theusus!" shouted a voice. It was ... soldier Lysander!

"Whats up Lysande?" I asked.

"Nothing." he said.

But then, I heard him speak. "Except that your mom is a hour!"

Chapetr 2

"What!" I sneered. "You fucking tell me what you fucking mean you fucker!"

"I mean she got raped!" Lysader grunted. "Like someone put their thing in her you-know-what!"

"YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!" I yelled with my fists. Lysandro drew a sword but I won and took it. Other soldiers cum to save him but they were stopped by .... Cernel Joson! (AN: Doom Reapercousins of Evil rox!!! thanx for the proofredding Peter)

"Cernel, Theseu's mom had sex!!" Lysnader said.


"No!!" Joson lectured. "Theseis if you kill him ..... it is against the Spratan code of manely honor! U will be Pursian!"

I gasped. I wanted 2 kill Lies-ander so bad for his Lies (AN: get it?? hahahaa) but I knew I couldn't! So I stopped.

Cpahter 3

Joyson said, "MOFG Thisius!! that was the most manly thing I have ever seen. If I was gay I would totally make man love to you, But I'm not. You should join the soldiers bcuz we love Spratanists like u."

But that made me think of my angst. "No cernel!" I said in a depressed voice. "I hate every1 in town bcuz my mom got raped and your Persion army weren't going to let us leave when Hyperion attached!" I ran away with my manly brooding.

"I hope yiu change your mind!" Joson said sexily. "Oh Lilander! I almost frogot. U suck and u insluted Theseus so you are not a soldier now."

"NOOOOOOOOOO" Lysadnor screamed. (AN: fuck him bcuz he was a person and persions deserve it) Then he got expelled 2 join Hyparian.

Hypaxion is a vallian even though he's a Spartianist and hats the gods too. He is looking for the epthrus bow to kill other spartrans and revenge his mom dying from the plague. But now Lysanedr, who is a stupid coward, is under his control.

"Lissaner," Hyparin said. "I don't like u so now I'm going to crush your man parts with a big hammer."

"ok" said Lysainder, who knew he deserved it.

Chapater 4

I didn't hear Lysander scremaing in pain bcuz I was brooding at da tree by da labrianth. I looked at the tree and thought of Zeus and how he taught me to hit the tree with all my angster and manly rage. I thought of a flashback seen, and it was me as a kid with a stick hitting the tree with strong arms and muscles. I was dressed in brown rag pants and had bare feet that showed off my legs. Even as a kid I had the best mucsles of the Spartanists and that's why Zeus wanted to be my dad.

"Thiesius" he said (AN: this is still in the flashbeck, ok??). "U gotta love all the men of Greece."

"But they don't love me," I respawned.

"U gotta anyways!" he begged. "Someone has to stand behind the weak and defianceless!"

"I guess" I said mopingly. "Except I only wanna help Spartanists who are my friends!"

"OK." he said. "Hey, what happened to stupid Liensder?"

"His Presian man balls got crushed." I said with a grin.

But the flashback was over and there was ....... my mom!

AN: I WON'T RAED FLAMES FROM FUCKIN PERSIANS, I'm gettin sick of crap, if you can't be Spratanist GET DA FUCK OUT from my fic! PS I'm not gunna be updating any more umtil I get five good revioews! So if u want more TELL ME WHAT U THINK AS LONG AS IT's good!

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October 26th, 2011
12:19 am
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Announcement: P&P launch 10/31!
[Ponies and Pegasi]

Hello, everypony! I've got great news:


The official soft launch for the D&D MLP game is:

(That's MONDAY, OCT. 31 for those of you a little behind on season 2. :))

== What does this mean? ==

The same great roleplaying we've seen so far will continue, but now we're adding dice and turning the situation up to 11: there's a missing spellbook to find; a dungeon to explore; and a celestial in deep trouble! (... Whoops, was that my outside voice?)

Virtual dice will be slung as our heroes try to evade the traps and defeat the monsters of the reawakened underground complex below Fillydelphia. Meanwhile, open-ended roleplaying will continue in the freeform board -- there are plenty of other issues to be resolved up on the surface. (In particular, the visiting Princess Luna might need some help going incognito and discovering what life is like for regular ponies ...)

== What's a "soft launch"? ==

That means that the D&D game will be officially under way by that date. Game is starting off simple -- with a Skill Challenge, and fully assembling the party -- so it's OK if you don't have your character finished by then. However, if you'd like to join in, please at least start the character generation process by that date, so we can work you in with the least hassle.

Freeform RP is already ongoing! Jump in, or back in, at any time.

== How many players in game? ==

The dungeon-crawling portion of the roleplay is limited to SIX ACTIVE PLAYERS, one character each. Right now, we have four, so speak up soon if you're interested.

The freeform portion of the roleplay (the "Fillydelphia" board) has no player/character limits. Come in, introduce yourself, bring a friend!

== But I've fallen way behind on the game! ==

Then this is your best chance to step in and start fresh! You are hereby officially FORGIVEN any absence, and absolved of any need to read the backlog. Guilt is not a pony virtue.

Here's all you need to know: Everyone's playing an OC (Original Character) pony, and the game is set in the eastern Equestria town of Fillydelphia. Right now, it's Friendsday night after dark; all the action's at the Celestial Temple (where a work party has been arranged to clean up damage from a swarm of taurmites); and some crazy rumors are spreading that Princess Luna herself showed up at the work party.

There have been plenty of shenanigans RP'ed already. Do you have to know about them? No -- you weren't there! Others can catch you up once your character shows up (arrives in town/finishes their chores at home/whatever). Have your character ask any questions you've got -- someone should cheerfully catch you up.

However, if you want the 50-cent version of the RP so far, I've written a good summary here in my livejournal.

== Awesome! How do I join you, again? ==


Sun and Moon's blessings,


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