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Friday Judgment Call: United States obesity

I was randomly riffling through blogs earlier this week, and ran across a tidbit in the comments section of a post I've long since forgotten the link to. It said that 80 percent of obese people in America lived in red states.

I recently posted a link about the geography and politics of marijuana use, and this tidbit's been bouncing around in my head the last few days, so this seemed like a natural follow-up.

Of course, the comment was completely unsourced, so I can't vouch for its accuracy at all. This is where you come in! Take the poll and let's match the claim up against conventional wisdom.

Poll #519880 U.S. obesity

80 percent of the United States' obese live in (conservative) red states.


A majority of the United States' obese live in (conservative) red states.


(I split it up into two questions because I'm also curious how many people don't believe it, but would if the figure were lower.)

If you have any discussion about why this might or might not be true, post it in comments. If you're able to find and source actual statistics, put them there too. Please vote before reading comments.

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