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Winampmancy, and a riddle

Alright ... so, yeah, I'm a mage, I should be used to (*makes little quote marks with fingers*) "coincidences." Still, these things happen. They catch you off guard.

I was doing some thinking this morning about the TTU story I'm writing*; a few things about where Kiasu picked up his ability to work magic fell into place, and along the way - I'm not quite sure where - the glimmerings of a riddle to insert into the story sprang up. I got to work, tapped out a few notes into Notepad as I sat down at the computer, and promptly forgot about it until after deadline.

A few minutes ago, I opened the window back up, went "Ah!" and whacked my head against it some more. I had a few of the elements, but it was an uphill struggle to fit it all into a nice little poem. The first two lines came together without much grief, but coming up with a rhyme that would let me work in the other hints slowed me down, and suddenly right around the time I was kicking line three into place Winamp starts playing a song that answers the riddle.

No, really: The title of the song is the complete, succinct answer to the riddle. And it's mentioned quite repeatedly throughout the chorus.

That all having been said -- hey, if Winamp can guess it, I should give you a chance too. I'll print the riddle below; comments will be screened, and correct answers will be acknowledged without de-screening in order to give everyone a chance to join in. :)

They fear to gaze upon his face
and fear yet more to touch
Yet weak or bold, they take his gold
With praise both bright and lush.

* Well, alright, I haven't set a single word to paper yet. But I've got a page of written notes and I'm on about the third draft inside my head, fleshing out the outline to where it just needs to burst out onto the screen.

Edit, 7-11-05: Comments now descreened. Congratulations to our winners!
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