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A collection of memes

I. Future plans. Via dogemperor:

"I want everyone who reads this to tell me something they'd like to do with me someday. Then post this message in your LiveJournal to find out what I want to do with you."

(n.b.: Will try to respond to all those who post it in their own journals; but I've got a big reading list, so prod me if I seem to have overlooked you.)

II. Self-description. Via violetvixen and elynne:

"Come up with a one-word comment that you think best evokes how you think of yourself, and that isn't your name or your LJ name.

Just one word; no more."


This was actually hard for me to come up with. I have so many facets, each of which I treasure -- writer; mystic; healer; diplomat; dragon; geek; outdoorsman; etc. -- but they all compete for attention inside my brain, and some of them are mutually exclusive. It seemed like a cop-out to pick one of them when I wear so many masks. I had to really stop and think about their common threads, the reasons I do all those things, and who I am when I'm focusing my attention away from a given set that otherwise shapes a self-image.

All of these things, I finally decided, involve gathering -- a drawing together of people, a collecting of knowledge or experiences, an accumulation of information or stuff. "Gathering," as opposed to "hoarding" or "collecting," also implies a careful allocation of the resources thus acquired, sustaining or improving a community -- hence my drive to create, to heal. Gathering means ranging out far afield for your supplies or knowledge -- hence the mystic and outdoorsman angles. The gathering of knowledge for its own sake is my geek side shining through; the applied gathering thereof my writer. And "Dragon"? A fancy word for "gatherer" inside my brain -- keepers of knowledge and power; teachers; guardians.

It seems more straightforward on the page than it was in my head. This was a non-trivial realization.

(As an aside, I had the conceit in my teenage and early adult years that I was at heart an explorer. This is still, broadly speaking, true. But I've come to refine that idea. I am not at all certain that I'd be more comfortable completely outside of society than I would be at its fringes. I think I'm more comfortable with one foot in both worlds. Civilization's constraints chafe greatly, but its benefits are quite vital. I have a place out in the wilderness, of ideas or of physical desolation, but I also wish to forge a life that isn't quite so stark, to build civilization upward rather than outward, to refine rather than to spread.)

III. Idiosyncracies. Via deirdremoon:

"Write 5 of my own personal idiosyncrasies and then tag 5 people from my friends list to do the same in their journal and continue to spread the love.

id·i·o·syn·cra·sy Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group."

1) My brain has its very own copy editor. Broadly speaking, I tend to think organized thoughts in ~second drafts (my brain flits around a great deal; in order to think about a topic in particular, I'll run back and forth over it), speak in third drafts (very little leaves my mouth without being vetted once more), and write in fourth drafts. I can get writing at a pretty good clip if I sit down and get into a groove, but with IMs and posts like this, I'm surprisingly slow for my typing speed. I'm constantly going back, re-reading and rewording everything I say, so that by the time I hit Send or type enter I've put out a finished, polished product.

2) It is very rare for me to drink soda. I'm not a big fan of the carbonation and I prefer to save stimulant use (caffeine) for special occasions. That latter concern is medical as much as psychological, since a cup of coffee once sent my father into heart arrhythmia and he had to quit cold turkey. I've got his genes and I'd rather not develop a habit to kick.

3) When I first got an e-mail account, I used a telnet/ssh connection and the server application Pine to read mail text-only in an 80x24 window. This is still my preferred method of mail handling. What can I say? The mouseless interface and lack of loading time are just so much friendlier than, well, anything else I've ever tried.

4) Unlike most mages I know, I can't sense much at all spiritually without specifically focusing, and all of my magic is done with conscious intent. I'm naturally very thickly shielded, and those snap back up of their own accord if I stop trying to bring them down; I've never really been able to break away from that without a deliberate, continuing effort I don't often have the patience or effort for. Occasionally I "shed" those layers (useful analogy for a dragon, yes?) and have clear senses for a few days, but they always come back.

5) For as much of a fantasy/sci-fi fan as I am, for someone who has conceits of writing in those fields, and for as many books as I own ... I have read virtually no long fiction in the last five years, and in fact very few novels at all since my teens. My pleasure reading has largely drifted to the Internet, and my leisure time has largely drifted into my own writing (and videogames, but then, everyone has a vice). Creating worlds leaves less headspace for me to absorb others', and by and large I think I like it that way.

I like deirdremoon's tagging idea; rather than singling five of you out, I'm going to say that five of you who want to join the meme should stand up and pitch in.

So, there you go. Three memes all condensed into one convenient post. Feel free to respond to one or all. The first two require only a sentence or a word apiece, and I really am curious what plans you people might have for me in your conniving little heads.

P.S.: My sympathies to those of you in London. I hope you're alright, as well as everyone you know. Edit: london_070705 seems to be the LJ virtual check-in point if you haven't run across it already.
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