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It's a weekend. Have a meme.

It may look like an old one making the rounds again -- but look carefully! This one's fresh out of the creative oven in my mind's kitchen, and yes, that was a strange metaphor, why do you ask?

Anyway -- Here's your meme. Copy and paste to your own journal and go wild. Or not. Your choice.


Who would play you in a movie about your life? A common question ... but let's turn it around.

Let's say Hollywood was making that movie. All the top celebs have been cast; the script's been written out with very little input from you. However, you managed to work out a deal with the Hollywood bigwigs, and they agreed to let you on the set ... in a bit part or cameo role. They'll do a little rewriting to give you a few lines.

So, who would you play in a movie about your life?


If I had a cameo part in my own life's movie, I think that I'd like to be the father of two of my childhood friends. I'll leave out names to protect privacy, but from what I remember of him, G. was apparently a strict disciplinarian sort of dad, corporal punishment (with belts) and all. A rather masculine figure. Then, with what probably was little warning, he and his wife split up, he moved away (to Arizona?) ... and we found out that he had started undergoing a sex-change operation and changed his name.

I saw her once more after that. It was quite the neighborhood scandal. And it gave me a glimpse, at a single-digit age, at the broad variety of human gender experiences, and the damage that trying to hide who you really are can do.

Edit: Wording on the meme trimmed way down.
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