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Moving update

* Still no net access at home. Darn SBC and their inexplicable lack of DSL within a stone's throw of a college campus!

* I bought We ♥ Katamari this Monday during one of my days off.1 Yay! Katamari!

* ... But I haven't been able to play it yet because I was up for a 22-hour day on Monday getting the old house cleaned. (Weekend? What weekend?)

* I had a very odd and memorable dream shortly after moving into the new place. Which I wrote down. On my computer. Which is at home. With no net connection. I'll upload it in the indefinite future.2

* I haven't had a chance to read LJ for ... um, a while. So if there's anything going on in your life I should know about, please tell me. This whole lack of Internet thing sucks.


1. It was labeled $29.95 at Fry's. (The game, not the day off.) This is a very good price for a game that only came out a week ago. This is also the first time that I've bought a game within a week of its release since ... uh, maybe ever. What can I say? I ♥ Katamari. I'm as excited about it as I am about "Serenity" coming out this weekend. Eeeeee!

But wait! It gets better! The clerk at Fry's couldn't scan the bar code for some reason, so typed it into the cash register manually. And despite being very clearly labeled $29.95, for some bizarre reason I got charged only $19.95. So this is not only a game I've been greatly looking forward to, it's also a CHARMED game of SUPER DISCOUNT. And yet for two days all I've been able to do is stare at the brightly colored instruction manual and absorb its coolness through osmosis.

2. Yes, I know that I've also said "I'll write up my Baycon experiences" and "I'll get that Terran Mars Project write-up done" and "I'll finish the Midnight Forest story" and for that matter "I'll update the Draconity FAQ".3 But! The work on this one is already done. Once I get Internet back, it's just a copy and paste job. And I've got this post here to remind me. Tags: Note_to_self. ;-)

3. This doesn't even include the list of posts I need to make but haven't ever made any public commitments about. Like the post about the family I helped rescue on Labor Day. But ... uh ... *cough* enough about that for the moment.

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