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Announcement, and answers

F.Y.I.: I will be attending BayCon this coming weekend. I will, consequently, be down in San Jose, California. If you're going to the con, look me up; and if you want to come see the spiffy drawings on my cast, drop by the con. I am working as Newsletter staff, which means that you will always be able to either get ahold of me or leave a message for me in the newsletter room. (The room number is printed in any of the convention newsletters to be scattered around the hotel.)

That having been said, I will put the answers to last post's "Two Truths and a Lie" below the cut. If you haven't yet made your guesses, go read that thread before clicking below.

And the lie is ...

1. Lost e-mail account mailbombing spammer -- FALSE. I did in fact lose my UCSB e-mail account after the occurrence of activities of questionable legality. However, spammers had nothing to do with it. Script misconfigurations did play a minor role.

2. Went from 4-year school to 2-year school -- TRUE. I was given my degree in June 1998 despite being 3 units short to fulfill the degree requirements. I finished my coursework at Las Positas Community College in Livermore, Calif., by taking a Religious Studies class and an Ultimate Frisbee class during the summer session. UC Santa Barbara was the school that awarded my degree, but the final coursework that gave me my degree was at a two-year school.

3. Degree in math, research project in paleontology -- TRUE. I was a student of the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, which gave students wide latitude to pursue advanced interests. I hooked up with geology professor Bruce Tiffney after taking several classes of his and hanging around his office hours a lot. The field didn't inspire me enough to switch majors, but I did pursue two semesters of independent study with him; I did some field and lab work in collecting and categorizing local fossils (of marine invertebrates from the sea cliffs near campus). I am told the project was taken up by other students after I graduated and may even be published someday, with my name buried in the credits.

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