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Fusion cuisine du jour

Here at Chez Bax-Getting-Bored-And-Combining-Everything-Within-Reach, tonight's featured menu item is:

Mandarin Sour Cream Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Sunflower Seed Garnish

The pleasing flavors of this dish have been specially selected, as per our chef's famous practices, as "the things most within arm's reach and not immediately distinguishable as poisonous." Danger? Oh, heavens, no. We've already had some critics in here this evening to give it a try. One of them described the featured dish as "surprisingly unretchworthy." Our chef even made certain to finish his own portion before recommending it to his diners. The tanginess of the citrus and sour cream combine in the mouth for a piquant burst of gentle acidity, and then the mandarin's sweetness seeps into the meat to add a light melody to the chicken's base note. Meanwhile, the sunflower seeds add a woodsy crunch putting one in mind of the sun-dappled glades of the Picardie Bourgeoinne.

But I digress: I especially recommend pairing it with a dry Riesling (Pacific Rim, Bonnie Doon Vineyard, 2002). Or would madame care to see the wine list?
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