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That's *Mr.* Baxil to you

lysana beat us all on the wedding updates when she weighed in by phone post here from down at the river. My new wife sums up here.

And this just about sums it all up:
Just married

(More wedding pics to come as we actually get them organized and -- in some cases -- developed.)

We're not done yet, not by a long shot. A few hours of down time, and then we'll all retire to a celebratory dinner over at the Five Mile House restaurant. Then back to the flat for a good ol' fashioned New Year's Eve party with happy wedding overtones.

And then, in February, we do it all over again. This was simply the small, private we're-doing-it-for-us day; the wedding reception and renewal of vows will be in late February. Details to follow later on the Bax-and-Kady-are-married-party; we'll have to take a week or two to get our feet back underneath us.

In case you have to make any reservations or travel arrangements, it will be Sunday, Feb. 26, here in beautiful Gass Valley/Nevada City, CA.
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