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I am such a geek.

Our friends auburnselkie and aubwriter got married this last weekend. (It seems to be a good year for it. I think kadyg and I started a trend.)

aubwriter is a longtime role-player, and the four of us at one point had gotten together in an attempt to start a campaign. (I got to run a "Son of Mars Needs Llamas" TOON one-shot game, but that's neither here nor there.) So when it came time to assemble a wedding card ...

My path was obvious. I created the

  1. Jukebox of Many Things
  2. Inebriated party guest. (Use stats for half-orc)
  3. Flower arrangement. (10% chance of a sentient rose bush posing as arrangement; 3 HD, THAC0 16, d6+1 dmg)
  4. Buffet table. Food heals as Cure Light Wounds. d6: 1-5 catered, 6 home-cooked.
  5. 1d4 in-laws. (Use stats for ogre)
  6. A level 1d8 cleric of PC's faith.
  7. Bridesmaid (4 HP, THAC0 20, d3 cute damage)
  8. Champagne bottle. One-shot ranged weapon, d4+1 dmg, x5 against chandeliers.
  9. Photographer. (Camera is +3 to hit, damage: blinds for 2 turns)
  10. Two rings. (roll randomly on Magic Item Table)
  11. A wandering dragon and princess stop by to pay their respects.
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