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Been a busy week, full of a great deal of stuff assembly. Here it is, about midnight Thursday night, and in nine hours I'll be taking off into Desolation Wilderness (such a lovely name) for a four-day snow camping clinic.

Today was clear and sunny -- the first such day in several weeks. The spring weather out here has been outstandingly weird and wet. It cleared up for my training hike with Rob, and it has cleared up for my trip out to Desolation (although clouds are expected to move back in over the weekend). If this keeps up I may have to coin myself "Sunshine" as a trail name.

I don't really have the time to update LJ before I go, but I haven't posted all week, so it's time for another heartbeat. When I return on Tuesday morning, I'll post the Baxwalk FAQ I've been typing up. If I have a little time in between ordering the last of my gear online, maybe I can post some pics from the snow-camping -- I'm taking my brand new spiffy Sony W5 with me!
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