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Snow clinic: Day 1 photos

Day 1 - Looking back
Snow camping pics!

I'll be posting these in batches along with each day's write-up. Below the fold is a selection of thumbnails/links of Day 1 photos from the snow camping photo gallery. (There are even more of them there, so make with the clicky.)

As a special bonus, included in this post is a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe from the ridge above our base camp. (The gallery has much larger versions if you're interested in downloading one as wallpaper or such.)

Day 1 - Snowshoeing in Day 1 - Snowshoeing in
Mountain Ned, right (with dog Snowball), explains the finer points of snowshoeing to Jo, L-Rod, John, and Krista.
Day 1 - Snowshoeing across Echo Lake Day 1 - Snowshoeing across Echo Lake
Destination: The hills in the center far distance.
Day 1 - Water resupply Day 1 - Water resupply
Krista fills water bottles from a hole cut through the deep snow and ice into Echo Lake by one of the area's rare winter residents.
Day 1 - Snowshoeing Day 1 - Snowshoeing
Up the hill near Tamarack Lake. It looked a lot smaller from the top.
Day 1 - A dark and stormy night Day 1 - A dark and stormy night
A real howler of a snowstorm drove us into our tents after ominous clouds prodded us to set up camp in early afternoon. It lasted all night, with vicious winds that set fabric a-flapping and kept us all from getting any sleep.

And the panorama! From left, Mt. Tallac, Cathedral Peak, Lake Tahoe, and the slopes of Angora Peak, as seen from eastern Keiths Dome. Stitched together by hand from three exposures, and it was a darn good job, if I do say so myself. (Click the thumbnail -- this tiny version does it no justice, but does save the page from horizontal scrolling death.)
Tahoe panorama - small Tahoe panorama - small

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