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May 23rd, 2006
06:22 pm
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Trail Journal: Days 1-3, by the numbers
I have a buch of pictures to load, but Scrapbook is being cranky. In the meantime, here's some trail notes. There's more coming. I'm still typing.

- Kady

Day 1, Thurs 4/27
R is for rain. (50 degrees at 11:00 am!)
Mileage: 15.9
Campsite: Hauser creek
Morale: 3 (Shin splints, blisters, Hauser Creek traverse kicked our asses - but nearly 16 miles!)

Day 2, Fri 4/28
F is for Finally Friday, free food.
Mileage: 20.6 [Today: 4.7]
Campsite: Lake Morena campground
Morale: 7 (Made the party! got some info, socialized, cautiously optimistic...legs hurt.)

Day 3, Sat 4/29
S is for Shrek, Shaggy Sticks, Star, Stump and the other thru-hikers at site 81.
Mileage: 20.6 [Zero day #1]
Campsite: Lake Morena campground
Morale: 8 -->3 (Lovely day at ADZPCTKO, marred by endless packing and the fights thereof.)


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