Baxil (baxil) wrote,

By the numbers: PCT Days 8-14

Day 14
Wednesday 5/10
Mileage: 162.3 [19.8]
Morale: 7->3->6 [Jose Burger, dehydration, big climb, Palm Springs view, phone calls]
S is for San Jacintos, silly phone post.

Day 13
Tuesday 5/9
Mileage: ~142.5 [23 today]
Morale: 7 [Making good time, no new blisters, trail shower]
O is for on-trail shower, original cooking
Blister cumulative total: 6 and holding

Day 12
Mileage: 119.5 [9.9 today]
Morale: 5 [on the road again, straight into hot uphill slog]
T is for Twilight Zone guidebook miles, touching poison oak, tenec lotion
Blister cumulative total: 6 and holding

Day 11
Mileage: 109.6 [Zero day #3]
Morale: 3->6 [Homesick; spent day reading crappy golf magazine; swim and productive afternoon helped]
R is for resort, recuperating, Rene's twin
Blister cumulative total: 6

Day 10
Saturday 5/6
Mileage: 109.6 [today 8.2]
Morale: 4 [Just too damn tired to celebrate, didn't get into the big drinking the others did; adjuting to halting momentum.]
F is for First letter down, 25 to go; freshening up; first trail beer
Blister cumulative total: 6 and holding

Day 09
Friday 5/5
Mileage: 101.4 [Today: 24!!]
Morale: 2->7 [Crappy morning, weather, grueling hiking, quiet accomplishment and tired determination, sense of having passed first real test by catching up.]
T is for twenty-four, third gate cache, tired triumph, tardy snake
Blister cumulative total: 6

Day 08
Thursday 5/4
Mileage: 77.4 - Zero Day #2
Morale: 8->2 [Town day! Trail angel!! Bailed out on afternoon mileage amid late start, weather and son of revenge of return of blister]
J is for Julian, Joy
Blister cumulative total: 4
Tags: baxwalk pct

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