Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Gut check

Just heard from Bax again. He's in Casa de Luna at the home of some folks who run a water cache for hikers in the area. He also managed to cover 15 miles yesterday while in a pretty bad state.

Right now he's resting, drinking lots, keeping food down and taking his Cipro. He's also very homesick - which is understandable under the circumstances. We're going to talk again tomorrow to see how he feels. My main concern is that he get through the hike with no permenent damage and if pulling off the trail for a week or two to rest at home is needed than that's what we'll do. Explosive fluid loss while hiking through the desert is not something to mess with and he doesn't have a dedicated hiking partner to keep an eye on the situation.

Thanks for all the continued good wishes.

- Kady
Tags: baxwalk pct

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