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Voice Post: More luck with the desert weather

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“Hello! I am calling from inside my sleeping bag. Isn't technology wonderful?

And I am up in the Tehachapi Mountains, up above Antelope Valley, which is the western arm of the [spooky voice] mooo-jaaaa-ve deee-sert. So! Today was my big desert walk.

It was actually kind of pleasant. I've had just the most incredible luck with my desert crossings.

When I went across Scissors Crossing, down south, back about Mile 78, I had the storm blow in, and my time down in the desert was kind of wet and cold. And then when I crossed San Gorgonio Pass, down in the Sonoran Desert, which was the really hot one, I had clouds blow in and I was under cloud cover.

Today -- no clouds, but there were some nice storms brewing out on the coast, which sent in real cooling air, and it just never got higher than about 85 degrees in the heat of midday, which -- considering it gets up to about 110 out here -- is really just almost winterlike conditions. So. Yeah.

But, nice and cool, and definitely, definitely windy. And out here in the Tehachapi Mountains, the wind has just continued. It's made for some interesting walking. But that's sort of the way of things.

Anyway, nothing terribly exciting to report, although I did make a Thru-Hikers' Guide To The PCT video post today, which I will try to have Kady post in about 2-3 weeks when she gets my current camera card. Talk to you all later.”

Transcribed by: baxil

Edit, 8-2006: The THGTTPCT video referred to can be found here.
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