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July 14th, 2006
04:30 am
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I've been spending an exceptionally lazy week (-and-a-half) at home, falling back in the rhythm of off-trail life, playing a few video games, catching up on my reading, and spending time with my lovely wife. It's really destroying any semblance of a schedule I might have had for my thru-hike, but after all of the adventuring that's happened, this has been a very welcome break from the trail.

I've been working all day on my High Sierra wrap-up post, and I was going to try to get it online tonight -- but kadyg was going through our snailmail spam, and while perusing a catalog, the quip "I wonder if Fingerhut sells ass chaps?" broke my brain.

So tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrows, it looks as though Kady has a three-day "weekend" from this coming Monday (July 17) to Wednesday (the 19th). We've been wanting to hike the Donner Pass to Sierra City PCT segment near our home together, and it looks as though this is the best chance we're going to get, so I'm going to tentatively pencil that in. If I'm really diligent, I can get a little hiking done this weekend before our joint trip, but realistically, Monday looks as though it'll be my return to the trail (after which I'll turn around and head back to the PCT for another few months, circumstances willing).

I'm still trying to figure out where to go after the joint trip -- back to the Sierra, start from here, or head to points northward. I'll fully explain, and solicit advice, in a post after the High Sierra wrap-up.

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