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Back from the trail

kadyg and I have returned from our Donner Pass to Sierra City leg of the PCT (the California guidebook's Section L, for those keeping track at home). I'd been half-fearing getting back on the trail, but even though at times we hit the mosquitos/snow/heat trifecta, it was a pretty pleasant hike, and I found out that the two weeks at home haven't softened me nearly as much as I had expected.

Full write-up (and more photos!) later. For now, just the highlights: Sleeping at the Peter Grubb hut; running for my life from mosquitoes the next morning; views from below of two mountains we've both previously climbed; slogging through snow patches on an 80-degree day; climbing Mount Lacey (as a 50-yard detour from the trail); kadyg getting a ride back to our car from Jackson Meadows Reservoir after developing knee problems; kadyg missing a hot, rocky descent during the last 11 miles, but using the time to play trail angel for some of the dozen thru-hikers in or near Sierra City; and this:

A Sierra sunset
A Sierra sunset: Kady and I at camp, Day 83. Taken atop the north ridge of some unnamed peak about 6 trail miles shy of Jackson Meadow Reservoir.

Also, happy birthday to me.
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