Baxil (baxil) wrote,

Voice Post: Heading to VVR - and off the trail once again

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“Yay! I finally have cell reception. And I am currently sitting on the shore of Lake Edison, which is a short detour from Mile 877 of the PCT. Most people who come to Lake Edison do so because they want to walk, or catch the ferry, over to Vermillion Valley Resort for a resupply stop. I am here because I need to get off the trail yet again. :-(

What happened is that, as described in some of my previous posts, my knee went out over going up and down some of the High Sierra passes. I laid over at Muir Trail Ranch for two days, resting it, and I thought that it was good enough to walk out on. About five miles of trail disabused me of that notion. Of course, by the time I was up and over Selden Pass, it was easier to keep going forward than it was to stop, turn around, backtrack, and lose all that progress.

So I ended up hiking out the rest of the full day I had planned, on an increasingly painful knee. I ended up night-hiking until 10:30 or 11:00 to get down here close enough to Lake Edison so that I could be sure I would wake up and be here in time for the morning ferry. It runs twice a day and cuts 4 miles off my trip, and I don't feel like walking any 4 miles I don't have to.

Anyway, so, since I am going to have to pull off and rest and figure out what's wrong with the knee, I will have much better Internet access soon -- and I will wrap up a post in a format that people don't have to stop and listen to it. Talk to y'all soon.”

Transcribed by: baxil
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