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AMAQ: Responses 1 (photo edition)

Thank you all for your responses to my freshly revived Ask Me A Question poll. I've gotten 13 questions so far, and will keep answering them until I run out. If you haven't had a chance yet, feel free to pitch me a question at the original post!

I'm going to do a little cherry-picking for my first replies, because that will allow me to group them thematically. Today's answers:

The 3,000 Words* (And 16 Colors) Edition!
* Technically 3,271.

To start us off, ounceofreason says, "What's the deal with the 'stache? It totally screams 'gay biker.'"

... No, no, friend. I know from gay biker. The 'stache doesn't scream gay biker. This screams gay biker:

chipuni says, "One of your interests is 'tilting at windmills.' At what windmills have you been tilting, recently?"

At these guys:

Tilting at windmills ... or maybe giants

Mile ~550 of the Pacific Crest Trail, approaching Tehachapi Pass. The PCT ate my life over the summer, and those windmills were plenty enough. I'll get back to the more metaphysical kind once I fully settle back in.

soreth says, "So, why haven't you ... beaten the Great and Illegible Literature puzzle yet? ;)"

Well, if you really must know,

A responder says, "How many attacks of the Mold Monster from the Fridge have you suffered since you made your documentary?"

There's actually quite a story behind my answer to this one, so I'm going to have to grab a snack and sit down to type for a while.

It all started, of course, back in 2004. But while the original attack wafkjhsadkl 45 @$ RT%H@#$J T^))))))))))))))))))))))))))


it returns

The Mold Monster says, "one."
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