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Must ... control ... fist of death

I don't mind living in a predominantly Christian country. What I hate is living in a predominantly fundamentalist Christian country.

A country where our leaders appoint, as head of a child welfare agency, a man who believes on Biblical grounds that beating kids until they're bruised is acceptable.

A country where our president's father (a former leader himself) has gone on public record as saying "I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens."

A country where they're prosecuting a comic book store owner for selling an adult comic book to an adult, because sex is dirty and shameful and if we're not protected from lustful thoughts we'll burn in an eternal lake of fire.

The good news is that, despite everything going downhill in the social arena, there are still signs that things are going to be alright. Like the crop circle happy face. How can I worry when giant smiles are being carved into corn fields?

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