Baxil (baxil) wrote,

F15htank QOTD

I'll kick this short entry off with a relevant AMAQ question --

aknitwit asks, "Why do you spell 'fish' that way (f15h)? It looks like a password..."

The Secret Origin of F15hTM comes from ye olden days of the tank. We started out with three guppies (Foo, Bar, Baz) and the pleco (Boing). Then a few more gups, a betta, and a small swarm of neon tetra ... and, suddenly, our community tank wasn't looking quite so desolate any more.

Now, I'm not sure we ever had exactly 15 fish, but for a while (before the mollies and the new fry) we were close. The decision to "fix" our f15h population at ... well, 15, came from the convenient fact that the transliteration of numbers into letters in l33tspeak meant that we were just saying "fish" anyway when we described our tank population.

If all of the new fry grow up, I may have to consider switching the term over to "f33sh" (feesh). We're slowly creeping up on the 30 mark.

At any rate. kadyg and I were talking tonight, the conversation turned to fish, and on the prettiness of our p1ecostomus:

B: Well, some people would say plecos are ugly.
K: Boing's very pretty.
B: I think so too. But some people would disagree. Let's face it, plecos are shaped like ... like mandolins.
K: *giggles* Okay. If we ever get another pleco, I think we have to name it "Mandolin" now.
B: No ... we'd have to name it "Lutefish."


And to make up for that horrible pun, a bonus anonymous AMAQ question: "I have a nearly insurmountable urge to ask "How many different kinds of fish can you name"...

The boring answer is, a few dozen. (The ones in our tank, maybe a few more species the local aquatics store carries, and a bunch that we eat for dinner. I hope this is satisfactory, because I can't see any point to listing them.)
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