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The Internet is for anonymous misbehavior

For very nearly the entire population of this planet -- unless you're dying in Darfur, anyway -- the world is not in fact conspiring against you.

But it can be awful easy to think so when multiple and apparently unrelated negative incidents start conveniently piling up.

I am quite cranky right now, thankyewverymuch. It's not enough that I'm on my 15th consecutive day of work; it's not enough that the president of my country of birth and residence has just made a right that we've taken for granted since the 13th century optional. No, no. Now random strangers on the Internet are misbehaving in my direction. Now it's personal:

  1. First, I got an anonymous comment on a three-year old post. This is not sinister by itself; people stumble across the strangest corners of the Internet via Google all the time. But this is only the second comment I've gotten on a post that old, and both comments have been to the same one.

    The most likely conclusion to draw here that someone is linking to the post in question. So, who? Why? LJ, alas, has nothing like trackbacks or sitemeter, and I'm not having any luck Googling an answer. This mystery is bugging me a lot more than the commenters are.

  2. Second, I discovered that some jerk is trying to assume my identity over at baxil dot blogspot dot com. I'm not linking because it seems fairly likely that this is a splog -- a mostly-automated attempt by some bastard to spew out stolen content for the sole purpose of getting links, clicks, and advertising dollars. Except in this case, all of the content is mine, along with the name. I've already notified Blogspot, but it's still getting under my skin.

  3. Third, someone has been repeatedly deleting the Draconity FAQ link from the Wikipedia article on draconity. Of the three anonymous misbehaviors, this is the least noteworthy -- but because it's a targeted and willful act (there are other links on the page which haven't been touched, and this is at least the third iteration), it's also the creepiest.

    srsly WTF? Is somebody out there harboring an Internet grudge against me, and being petty and chicken enough about it to try to get at me through ... removing a Wikipedia link to me? I do declare, I may have to go lie down a spell.*

I don't know what else to say about this shit. ... No, not shit; it barely rises to the level of momentary irritation. But I'm just so worn down right now that I'm letting the cumulative effect get to me; I genuinely have to vent.

And, hell, maybe by posting about it I can get some answers.

* And giggle.


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