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(There's a theme building here ...)

Hey, wuffie, good to hear from you again. How's Claw? Is he still overseas on that Atlantis project?

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, wrote:
> Found this while sifting ...

That article does take me back. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Kiasu? There's a face I haven't seen in forever. Hehehe ... maybe I shouldn't push my luck by asking. It's sort of cool being one of the few mages that's ever met him without getting an ass-kicking.

I haven't heard a final word back on the job yet, but I'm hoping. It would be really awesome. Dwim is still determined to push at the bleeding edge of magitech and it's good money. I could use some steady cash.

I just wish I felt more secure about my chances. I tested really well, but my resume is crap. For obvious reasons I can't tell them about my practical magic experience, so all I've got is skill. Every time we group-interview I'm up against suits with red-hot degrees. We all know who the recruiters love to pick.

I'll let you know how it goes ... in the meantime, because of the NDAs I can't talk much about the projects they'd have me work on, but here's a link to their investor relations page, which sums it up.


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