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The search for search answers (1 of 2)

To: "Fang, Claw N" <>
From: "Technical Support - FeralNet" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006, 21:53:17 GMT -0800
Subject: Getting some DWIM answers

Yay new magitech! Hee hee ... sorry to laugh at your frustration with 3T, but you have to admit that's funny :-D

As for the search. Whoah. Let's see if I can explain this.

First of all, I passed it on to Geo, who gave me the dwim lead in the first place. You and Claw met him last year at Jen's wedding. He's on the dwim development team. They love little mysteries like this.

Don't worry, I didn't mention the Gold search. I'm not stupid ;-)

He's getting back to me with what he finds out. I'll pass that on probably later tonight.

But he did explain to me a little about what they call "dwivinations." It's only a few searches that can turn up freaky results like that. If there's too little information available on the web, it will say essentially "I don't know", like with the Discovery location. If there's a lot of information available, it will go for the most reliable, like with the Gold murders. So basically neither of those is going to turn up different results than you got, no matter how you word it. Unless new facts come up and get made public.

btw, my search results for the government search thing were the same. So it wasn't just you.

I also tried out the search you suggested, about latitude and longitude. What it gave me was totp://dwim.mag/search?type=saved&user=justthefox&id=f6aAqj38CehS4b&authas=redwolves, the coordinates of the island the vacation pictures you mentioned were taken on. Those pictures were the first result in the plus sign. So I got a more specific answer but based on the same info. Hehehe ... I guess your search with the Pacific map shows dwim has a sense of humor :)

As for Claw ... I don't know. :( I'm worried too but I'm worried for both of you. You guys have been with each other a long time ... please don't let this hurt you, ok?

He owes you an explanation but you don't even know he was involved with whatever happened. Don't assume he lied until you have a chance to talk. If you think it would be easier maybe I can ask him. Let me know.

And look ... I hate seeing you like this. Maybe it would help to come over on Saturday and we can spend the night? I know it's been a while ... I don't want this to be awkward, I never did. But you've been having some rough times. I'd hate myself if I couldn't make the offer. Getting some of this off your chest or maybe getting a little distracted might do you good?

Love you, wuffie. Things will be ok.

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