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In case the Internet seems a little smaller today

From the current version of

" is one of the world's largest free DNS management services.

As of 00:16, 2 December 2006 (UTC), its services, including all four name servers, appear currently to be offline due to a DoS attack.

EveryDNS is the DNS management provider for almost 60,000 websites."

Tomorrowlands happens to be among them -- as well as most of the other sites hosted on that server. So we'll be seeing a little bit of unexpected downtime until that clears up. The Tlands server itself is still fine (as far as I know), but without DNS, nobody can get to it.*

* I know that normally you could just substitute the IP address, but since it's a single server with a number of virtual domains, even that won't get you to my website.
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