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BaMoTTuStoTTwo wrap-up

November's now behind us, and it's all over but the voting.

I refer, of course, to BaMoTTuStoTTwo (my second Month of TTU Stories). It was a nice challenge. This year's 18,500 words didn't quite meet the prolificity standard set by the first attempt's 40,532, but I'm proud with what came out.

Part of that pride is that I tried something I hadn't done with TTU yet: Write stories in its present day. Virtually all of my offerings have been set within a year or two after the Changes. Leapfrogging forward to the era of New Atlantis' raising, and taking a look at a time when therianthropy is fading into uneasy acceptance, was a good way to stretch the world's boundaries.

Another part of my pride is that I also made good on my choice to go all-culturalia this year. (For you readers who haven't been here a while, "culturalia" is the term I've coined to describe my occasional artifacts-from-a-parallel-universe. Fictional non-fiction.) Not only did I produce eight slices of TTU life rather than "stories", I wove them together in a single strand. I mention this because it's worth marveling at how these things can flow out when you find your creative groove.

Anyway, I'm going to take a cue from last time, and give y'all a chance to weigh in on the BaMoTTuStories ...:

Poll #887897 Pick a winner or three

Pick up to three of November's offerings that you think were this year's best.

Scary Stories - The decade-old article that gets Fang's nostalgia running.
DWIM - Introducing magitech Web search technology.
Dangerous Waters - On board the New Atlantis Project's flagship.
Fire Flies - Magic in the movies.
Exploding the Conspiracy - Dark hints of intrigue behind an international standoff.
A dwivination Discovery - Explaining some novel applications of magisearch.
Still Crazy After All These Years* - Two old friends' e-mail conversation builds to an uneasy climax.
Elements - Rules for a real-time card-game mages' duel.

* (You can read the e-mail conversation mentioned above, and all of the other stories along the way, by following these links in order: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. Non-convo posts: [8] [dwivinations]; [9] [Elements].)

Additionally, I'd love to hear any random feedback below. (And/or egoboo -- it's no big sin to have Praise Whore Moments once in a while.) It'll help keep my enthusiasm buzz at a nice high while I lay the groundwork for the TTU wiki.

... Oops, was that my outside voice? :)
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