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Ten years ago today ...

... the world suddenly and irrevocably Changed.

Ten years ago today, that first dragon to walk the earth sent shockwaves through reality that we are feeling still.

Ten years ago today, magic returned.

It's been a great ten years. So, happy birthday, The Tomorrowlands Universe. I got you a present.

I am happy to announce that I have just opened the doors on the new TTU Wiki.

As I and others have written almost a decade's worth of stories, the universe information keeps getting more and more scattered; it's time to start condensing that, and to make TTU what it was meant to be from the beginning -- a vibrant shared setting that a group of writers continuously draws upon and expands.

If you're interested in The Tomorrowlands Universe -- as a writer, reader, or otherwise -- come join the wiki. Add and discuss ideas. Help make it your universe too.

Don't worry if you don't know much about the story setting yet -- this is the best possible time to jump in. It's a new community, there will be plenty of energy and plenty of explanations, and we can answer your questions quickly and vividly. There's even (separate) plans brewing for online roleplaying.

Hope to see you there.

(Just be warned that the wiki is still very thin. The software's been polished and tested, but I had planned to give myself another week or two to build up the content there. Then I realized the timing of the anniversary was an opportunity I had to seize.)

Edited to add: Comment here with your wiki username and I'll toss you editing privileges straight away. :)
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