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Much dragon wuv

Looks like I'm a bit slow on the draw for Trogday. TROOOOOOOOGDAY! TROOOOOOOGDAY! Birthdaynating the countryside, birthdaynating the peasants ...

On the other hand, I'm writing this post just in time to point out Appreciate a Dragon Day. Yay! (via xydexx)

Of course, it's possible you don't have enough dragons in your life to appreciate. So I decided to offer you my assistance in locating one. A broad and rigorous selection process was undertaken, at the end of which your humble author was surprised to find that he was the chosen candidate. So surprised, in fact, that he lapsed into third person for two sentences before clearing his throat and moving on to the point.

If you want to help a dragon out today, I can't imagine anything I'd appreciate more than a few pictures for the TTU Wiki.* One of my goals for the place is to start accumulating spot art to give important pages a little visual zest. For example, wouldn't the page on The First Sighting be more vivid if there was a picture of the video footage to go along with the story excerpts? Or the Los Angeles Riots?

In return for my request of creativity, I've been adding story pages and world background to the wiki; CategoryStories now has summaries and pointers for some 15 short stories that few people have read since 2003, the era timeline sketches out history and WikiNews summarizes the work in progress.

The place is taking shape, slowly but surely.

* To be specific, simple ones. Line art (or even a finished-looking sketch) is quite sufficient, and what I embed on the page would be 200-300 pixels wide (though it could link to a higher-resolution version). All art would be fully and gratefully credited.
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