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the occasional joys of tech support

This is an automated message sent at your request from Yubanet Media.

A new issue was just created in the system.

ID: 9948
Summary: help I am stuck in this office
Reported By: tad
Priority: Med - in 2 days
1/16 8:55p TR - The door continues to elude me. Taunt me with its closeness. As if to say "you could walk out at any time. If only you'd stop updating the 22 new tickets that came in this afternoon."

Morale running low, as are supplies of leftover Chinese food. Internet radio set to a 70s station is keeping the rats away, but they appear to be developing a tolerance for polyester.

Will escalate if I start hearing answers to the incessant mumbling-to-self.

I normally finish my shift at 7.
Tags: tech support horror stories, work


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