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Nifty links of the moment

This is where I would normally put a Further Confusion wrap-up, but I ended up reading other peoples' journals before getting around to updating my own. So, without further ado, a bunch of great links ganked from others.

  • Department of Space: A Google Maps-type star map for the entire Traveller setting, complete with borders, star system data, shipping routes, jillions of names, etc. The full impact of this doesn't really start hitting you until you scale down step by step and see how big the map is. (via comments in a momentrabbit post)

  • Department of Aerospace: The Russians built two counterparts to the Mir space station. Where are they now? If you answered "Nobody knows," you're only half right, and that's the less interesting half. (h/t xiphias)

  • Department of Decoding: Here, have a cipher to decode. And if you happen to have solved that one already, have a harder one. (h/t chipuni and soreth, respectively)

    (The first one's cheatable ... if you know where to look. I'll link to the web resource I used in comments, but I'll screen it for several days.)

Edited to add:
  • Department of American Exceptionalism: This article should be required reading for anyone who still has any respect for the American health care system. (The rest of us can just cite its statistics as we agitate for a sane alternative.) Via annafdd via jinian.
  • And a second health care link I couldn't wedge in anywhere else.
Tags: american health care is a piece of shit, geekery, link roundup, riddles

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