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The hidden subtexts of rock music

I have just discovered, thanks to the Babelizer (link courtesy elynne), that deeply buried within a seemingly innocent song about the complexity of American politics is a socialist manifesto!

On a whim, I typed the following verse of Genesis' "Land of Confusion" into the Babelizer, which does nothing more complex than translating the phrase into a few other languages and back into English:

I won't be coming home tonight
My generation will put it right
We're not just making promises
We know we'll never keep
And what should appear before my shocked eyes but the following:

I do not come tonight to the house, of that to the morning in them who the contracted right of the production did not regulate my production simply, those that never we conserved them that we do not know

Good lord! Here I thought that Genesis was simply issuing a call to their generation to become involved, but this is beginning to look more like a call to revolution! The exposed lyrics cut straight to the core of the proletariat's class struggle against the bourgeoisie -- "contracted right of the production," indeed! Contracts for production are simply a tool by which the masses are kept enslaved and forced to compete against each other! Of course such contracts would not regulate production simply -- unlike a truly enlightened, socialist system, which would make production as simple as possible to promote general welfare.

And look at the brilliant yet simple argument encapsulated in the last line! It speaks of "those that never we conserved"; of course this means the bourgeoisie, because the rich are inherently wasteful, since it is only an artificial scarcity of resources that allows them to control the working classes. So this is why "I do not come tonight to the house" -- the singer, who is symbolic of the proletariat as a whole, has his life disrupted by the ruling class! Only through unification of the working class can such crimes be addressed!

... At any rate, those of you who don't regularly read my journal (this isn't my journal. It's my LJ) should probably go look at the recent broken arm update. Been goin' through some interesting times over here.

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