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Distributed research request

Now that I'm no longer working in an office ruled by PCs, I've migrated largely from Winamp to iTunes. And I'm discovering that in older versions of Winamp, the ID3 Comments field -- in which I stored all my song rating data, for portability -- wasn't properly handled.

In a nutshell, I have comment data in a few thousand songs that I need to be able to mass-retrieve and mass-move. Winamp wrote its ID3 v2.2 comment data to the *last* comment field (the standard supports an arbitrary number of comments, each labeled with a name); those comments need to be copied/overwritten to a *blank* (unnamed) comment field so that my other mp3 players can see them.

So I need an id3 tagger -- on windows or Mac; preferably Mac but either should work -- that supports batch processing of multiple comment fields and the ability to move arbitrary (or multiple) id3 comments into a blank comment. Or, if I may repeat myself, a program specifically designed to clean up after Winamp's mistakes.

I can't find either. Any recommendations?

(n.b. most of the mp3s in question also have id3 v1.1 tags and I potentially could pull the data from there. But I would need a program that supports batch copy of *just* the comment tag from v1 to v2. If I batch copy the entire v1 tag to v2, I lose long song/album/artist names.)
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