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March 29th, 2007
10:19 pm
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site outage
The people running tomorrowlands.org's server (thanks inaki! :)) have been working quietly behind the scenes to migrate to a new setup. The upshot of this is that tlands is getting its own virtual host -- I get a whole (virtual) machine to myself, with root and all. The downside is that the migration ended up going a little bit faster than expected when some hosting company crap forced them to pull the old server early.

I'd already switched over ttu.tomorrowlands.org to the new machine, so the wiki is still running smoothly. But I hadn't transferred over everything from tomorrowlands.org yet, so my main site and e-mail are both temporarily down. At least until the DNS changes propagate and I can get all the files in the right place.

Also, first post from my new Mac! I'd love to glee about this at greater length, but I have some server issues to straighten out.

Edit, 11:30p: Mail is up and running and the DNS was updated about five minutes ago. It took approximately eight seconds for the first spam to arrive.

Edit, 12:45a: To answer the burning question on TTU readers' lips: Yes, hessus.tomorrowlands.org has a shadow file. ];=8) </in-joke>

Edit, 3/30 10pm: Things seem to be working again. *crosses fingers*

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