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o/~ I read the news today, oh boy ...

I have to say one thing about working at a newspaper. As much as I love the job, and as much as I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile, and as ultimately rewarding as it is compared to the billions of corporate menial jobs I could otherwise be paying the bills with ...

After a while it just all bleeds together. After a while this cynicism about humanity just grips you; you detach yourself from the brutality and the senselessness of, say, the recent sniper shootings around Washington, D.C. You stop thinking, "My god! How horrible!" and start thinking, "Okay. This latest victim was only wounded. Is that strong enough for a front-page story, or should we put it in the news digest on A3?" And you can't escape it.

That's why I found the Evolution Control Committee's "Rocked by Rape" such a joy to listen to; it transforms the whole mess into a theater of the absurd.

Psst. It is possible to download it here, along with 20 other songs of similar high quality. Although I of course must condemn that site in the strongest possible terms, because the music is illegal, and starving multi-millionaires are being deprived of a few pennies in royalties every time someone listens to one of the songs. Plus, it makes Baby Jesus cry, and God kills kittens when you do it. So do not download this song that brightened my evening immensely and that I think is one of the catchiest social commentaries I've heard in months. Do not do this. Because I'll have to report you to the RIAA.

... Right after I delete the file (which I only downloaded to confirm it was in fact illegal so that I could report it) off of my hard drive. And move to the Bible Belt, buy a new SUV, and renounce my draconity. (I'll get started on those as soon as possible.)

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