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momentrabbit probably didn't mean to start a meme, but this is one that deserves wider exposure:

What's going right in your life today?

For my part, now that my two-job schedule juggling has calmed a bit, I just had my first two-day weekend in over six months.

Not only that, it was Saturday and Sunday ... and this trend will continue. This is the first time in over half a decade that I will be working job(s) that synchronize my two-day weekend with most of the western world's. (A regular schedule is not among the advantages of newspaper work.)

It felt glorious to once again have two days in a row! that I didn't have to drag myself out of bed and in to the office(s) for long stretches. I didn't get a whole lot of decompression time -- because kadyg and I went to the Beltaine celebration on The Ridge on Saturday, and I did a lot of driving Sunday while we shopped and I took her back to the train station for school -- but it was a lovely and novel feeling nonetheless.

And I get to turn around this weekend and do it all over again. *happy sigh*

What about you? What's fallen into place lately, or randomly resolved well, or taken a turn for the better?
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