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In which Rob proves his site-finding l33tness


The scene: Our two heroes are at their tech support job, looking up some technical data vaguely relevant to one of their latest support tickets.

baxil: Huh? That's really bizarre. The most recent iMacs support a maximum of 3 gb of RAM.
roaminrob: What? That's a stupid cap. A longint is 4 gb; why not use that? There has to be some arbitrary limitation that has nothing to do with memory addressing.
B: 4 gb or even 2 gb I could understand. Then you at least have paired SO-DIMMs and can get the speed boost. But a maximum of three gb in two slots?
R: Lame. Speaking of which, did you ever buy that RAM upgrade for your Mac Mini?
B: Hmm. (*google*) "The Intel chip set used inside has limited memory addressing capabilities, meaning 3GB is the most the system can address."* And no, I didn't ... I thought about it a few weeks ago at Fry's, but they had two different sets of PC5300s, one of them labeled specifically for Macs, which were of course more expensive ... I haven't done enough research to find a good deal ... (Blah blah, whine whine.)
R: Ah, but while you have been distracted with the 3gb thing, I have found your RAM, labeled specifically for Mac use, at a price modestly lower than your best deal. Et voila, $78.00 per 1GB chip! (*sends link*)
B: ...
R: ...?
B: You read that wrong. That's $78 for the entire 2gb upgrade kit.
B: Where's my credit card? And how the hell did you find this?
R: Dealmac. And damn, does it feel good to have my Internet mojo back.
B: You know, your track record of "recommending sites to me that begin with a D and are TOTALLY AWESOME" is now two for two.
R: You're welcome. It's not just Dealmac - check out their RAM side at DealRAM and their generic computer gear side at DealNews.
B: Seeing as how I am off the clock, I plan to. (*surfs*)
R: (*works*)
B: ... !!!
R: ?
B: Dude. (*frantic gesticulating*)
R: (*walks over*)
R: ... A Marmot Precip for $49?!?!
B: O_O;
R: Wow.
B: Excuse me, I think I just wet myself. (*runs to bathroom*)
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