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The write stuff

Alright, time for a break from the unintentional morbidity ...

[a cat macro pic expressing my belief that I'm about to out-ambition myself]


To quote summer_jackel:

You give me a brief idea, scenario or just a word, and [optionally] specify which character(s). I will come back with a quick sketch ficbit. The characters you can use are listed below. ... I will take the first 10 or so, or until I get tired of it.

I don't insist on meme spreadage, but if you're an artist/writer and want to, pass it on. If you include it, let me know so I can tag you back. :)

If you're new here, "TTU" is The Tomorrowlands Universe, the urban-fantasy open story setting I maintain -- where one day in late 1996, magic and creatures of myth suddenly appeared on Earth and threw history into a screaming left turn.

I'm defining "ficbit" to mean a story fragment -- a scene, a conversation, a particularly vivid description, a mood piece. Not a whole story, unless my muse completely runs away with me. Believe me, even one story per day is a nutso pace.

Don't feel limited to tossing random ideas at me. If you ask me a question about TTU, I will endeavour to answer it in an illustrative or clever way. Also feel free to pull inspiration for your ideas from the TTU wiki, which is still (very) incrementally growing.

I'm NOT restricting the meme to all-ages content -- though to preserve work-safeness and respect privacy, I'll leave such requests screened here, and either provide outside links to the results or else post them in a later friends-locked post.


As for the character list, if you go so far as to specify someone, it can be anyone I've previously written about, or else anyone with a listing on the wiki. The folks that have bigger shares of my mindspace right now, and are likely to be used for unspecified requests, are:

* Kiasu, the samurai unicorn, and/or the mysterious dark figure who always seems to be following him around.

* Sara and Alex, a human woman and anthro-fox theri, who meet by chance at a party and quickly strike up a broad friendship.

* The members of The Redeemers, a mage paramilitary group based in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada. All but one of the members is a theri, though they're a wildly mixed lot. You've previously seen their leaders in Snow Cats, and real old-timers may remember the whole group from "The Dragon Tamers," which I will have to dig out of my computer archives and re-post at some point.

As a special final note, if you're an artist and want to sketch a scene for me to write a backstory to, that would be a heck of an interesting challenge. :)
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