Baxil (baxil) wrote,

can't sleep, server will eat me

Thirteen-hour day for me (and 16 for roaminrob; we had a server go down at work, had to install a replacement from scratch once fsck failed (fortunately we have good backups), and then ... discovered the backdoor(s). I've been most of the last six hours manually combing the /home directory tree with find because off-the-shelf rootkit detectors typically ignore it, and we had at least half a dozen scattered, hidden directories with root executables, images-with-embedded-files, and other fun things.

Anyway. Be that as it may, a quick request for my musically inclined readers: Anyone have a copy of just the last half of (the non-acoustic) "Layla"? I mean the extended instrumental jam with the piano and the guitar.
Tags: requests, work

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