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BOFHer wars*

Our story starts about seven weeks ago. roaminrob had just joined me at Yubanet, and the two of us were working tech support together; me on a Mac, him on a PC. I gave him crap about his computer, and he retaliated by secretly installing this. One day, while we were working, the screen saver came on (it even pauses iTunes for total verisimilitude) -- and punked me good.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Behind the link is a tale of harmless yet lavishly detailed root login hijacking. Including ninjas, and cats. And ASCII art of both. This is what happens when sysadmins duel ...

He will get me back. Oh, yes, he will get me back. But I've set the bar high. ]B=8D

While I'm linking to roaminrob, by the way, I agree with his recent "Society By Example" post. If he's not on your friends list, his recent entries are worth a skim.

* I think this is a pun I can justifiably be proud of, considering that the prank combined the deep systems ownership of a BOFH with the harmless foam-padded whackery of boffing.
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