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In other news

There is apparently a disease named "popcorn workers' lung" out there.*

The news article in which I discovered this reports on a case where someone contracted it by eating two bags of microwave popcorn every day. As horribly disturbing -- and downright weird -- as this is, what made me do a double-take was an incidental fact tucked in near the bottom of the article. The guy's doctor**** told him to go cold turkey on microwave popcorn, and by cutting those two bags out of his daily diet, he also shed 50 pounds in six months.

Snack food: It gets you one way or the other.

* How far we've fallen from the heady, carefree days of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!**
** Astute readers may notice that the link for the disease name goes to a Wikipedia page on 'p45'. Accordingly, I'd like to advise my readers in the programming field that working simultaneously on i18n + m17n + l10n*** may be hazardous to your lung health.
*** Word of the day for you: numeronyms. And, gods help me, the phenomenon presses all the right buttons in my little geek hindbrain. ]B=8D
**** "House" really missed a shining opportunity here. Maybe next season.*****
***** EDITED TO ADD: That does it, I'm adding "footnotes" to my LJ interests.
Tags: footnotes of awesome, my brain now hurts, wordplay

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