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Verbing with the best of them

Hey, kadyg, check it out! According to the Language Godfathers over at Oxford, 'chef' is now officially a verb!*

In fact, this entire sentence is now proper, high-class Officially Accepted English:

"My lovely wife's cheffing is so fricking gold star that I would walk across hot jaffle irons in my tighty-whities for a taste of her crème fraîche."



Edited to add: A fascinating piece of Oxford English Dictionary trivia (thanks to the magic of wikipedia): One of the most influential editors of the first edition OED was a schizophrenic man who cut off his own penis. Further tidbits here, at least until the WP anti-fun police remove the trivia section.


* Other great new additions if you didn't click on the link above**: "trepidatious" (which somehow wasn't officially a word until now), "wiki" and "irritainment."
** Which is probably smart of you. I made that mistake and then spent over an hour simply grabbing all the interesting-looking words and plugging them into Google.
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