September 19th, 2001

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Never underestimate the power of ignorance

On the one hand, I've been heartened by the outpouring of reason and calls for unity in the face of this tragedy. On the other hand, as much as we would like to think the nation has been enlightened, the numbers are against us.

Nearly one out of six Americans believes that we have declared war on the Islam religion. Approximately one in three feel that Arab-Americans should be placed under special observation (along the lines of concentration camps for Japanese-Americans in WWII). And one-half of Americans -- enough to elect a president -- support giving Arab-Americans special ID cards.


I spend an awful lot of time trying to defend humanity from overzealous otherkin's accusations of mass bastardry. Sometimes I find myself backed into a corner over it.

I've got an offer for all humans of good conscience: Let's abandon Earth. Leave it to the ignorant, racist, aggressive, shortsighted monkeys. The rest of us can find another world worth settling and build humanity into the race it was meant to be.

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