November 20th, 2001

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Online ailments

An excerpt from -- an article in the Australian newsweekly Icon -- courtesy of this week's "This Is True" ...:

Says Cassingham: "Politicians have repeatedly shown their ignorance of how the Internet works. In 1998, one of our congressmen, Republican James Traficant, of Ohio, was quite worried about it. He urged Congress to protect kids from sexual content online, and said he had proof of its dangers: a letter from a constituent who said she got pregnant over the Net."

With all due respect to Rep. Traficant (who is actually a Democrat; Randy Cassingham's quote was mangled in the editorial process), and that unfortunate woman, that's nothing. Compared to what the Net can do to you, pregnancy is a cakewalk. Point in case:


Pictures to follow.

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