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January 31st, 2002

January 31st, 2002
01:10 am
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Public service announcement
... But before I get to the meat of it, everyone admire the pretty icon. (That is, assuming that I get it to work, which I might not.) Thanks, frameacloud! I figure I'll keep the old one as a default but this is a nice change of pace. ]B=8)

Now. On to the PSA. This one goes out to everyone currently enthralled by the fad of "Googlewhacking."

It contains a spoiler that may well kill the fun of the game for you, so if you're enjoying it, please do NOT read on.

SpoilerCollapse )

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06:28 am
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Bax finally appreciates Googlewhacking -- briefly
[Googlewhacking resources, in case you've never heard of this thing before: unblinking * metafilter * story on c*net]

The one thing I never did with One-Hit Wonder that Googlewhacking has tempted me with ... has been the search for a low score.

OHW never had rules prohibiting lame searches like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pectoral", only a scoring system that penalized them. Googlewhacking not only has constraints on the search terms (must be valid dictionary words), but also constraints on the results (must not be a "list of difficult words" page), and a measurable metric for "lowest score" (since it doesn't bottom out at 1, but rather a*b).

And I've found a legitimate Googlewhack under 100,000 points.

nurseling ailurophobe. Both words are in the dictionary. The result page is an essay on cats in vaudeville. Score: 259 * 214 = 55,426.

I'm done now, unless someone finds a way to go any lower.

(UPDATE: Looks like the current lowest score submitted anywhere is currently "zebrula zedonk", from "mr_crash_davis" at the Metafilter link above, scoring 13,516 points. I'm still done, unless someone breaks 1e4.)

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