April 20th, 2002

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Mars Needs Llamas: The Post-Game Wrap-Up

Everyone remember my earlier threat to run a one-shot Toon adventure this weekend? :)

So elynne, torquemada, and Danny and Wiebke (two friends from the Rifts campaign on Friday nights) collected at Squeeky Hollow earlier today. I hauled out my Toon rulebooks, Josh brought his, and I managed to have photocopied exactly enough character sheets for everyone. I hauled out my copy of "In the Shadow of Omen" for good luck, as the simple yet complex landscape of Mars was the setting for the first part of the adventure. A little bit of deliberation and die-rolling later, our group of intrepid space cowboys was assembled: Elynne the anthropomorphic lemur and her sidekick Bucky the Trilobite; a Pocket Dragon whose name I forget; Macintosh-3001 the robot; and Stan the tourist sandworm.

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barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

The horror ... the horror

This one goes out to those who recognize the "Saron's Ale, Whore, and Surgery Palace (and Internet Lounge)" reference from my last post. Those who have read the horror that is "In the Shadow of Omen". Yea, verily, those who know to twitch at the mention of "llama sausage", and who tremble at the name of Burgauer.

Everybody's favorite author ...

... is running for political office in 2002 ...

... as a Libertarian.

Yes, that Steven Burgauer.

I am now caught in a devastating dilemma. Do I support him because his ideology matches mine and I have no faith in either of the major-party candidates? Or do I run screaming because I cannot hear his name without thinking of llama sausage, white onyx and the infamous utterance "Having consensual sex was one thing, but suffering the indignity of forcible rape was something else again"?

All I can say is, thank goodness I don't live in Illinois.