December 11th, 2002

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

No wonder the world hates us

News stories are all, unfortunately, real -- and from the last 24 hours. Emphasis mine.

  1. U.S. allows missiles to go to Yemen -- "Skirting a face-off with Yemen, the United States on Wednesday let an intercepted shipment of North Korean missiles proceed to the Persian Gulf country after receiving assurances the Scuds would not be transferred elsewhere in the tense region. ... Bush administration officials acknowledged that boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law. But administration decision-makers were guided by concern about an influx of weapons into the Persian Gulf region just as the United States is considering force to disarm Iraq."
  2. U.S. defends deal to take Iraq report -- "Facing criticism from the U.N. secretary-general and several Security Council members, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Wednesday defended a deal the United States initiated to take possession of Iraq's weapons declaration and spirit it to Washington. ... All 15 Security Council members had agreed Friday that before any member nations saw the report, U.N. inspectors would read the 12,000-page declaration and eliminate material that could be used to promote the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. But the United States changed its mind. ... 'We found it very strange, very unnormal that such an action by the president was taken,' Syria's deputy U.N. ambassador Fayssal Mekdad said. ... 'They know very well what was done was a grave violation of the procedures of the council, something which has never taken place. ... This is a material breach of the resolution.'"
  3. Strategy stresses first use of force -- "A Bush administration strategy announced Tuesday calls for the use of pre-emptive military and covert force before an enemy unleashes weapons of mass destruction, and underscores U.S. willingness to retaliate with nuclear weapons for chemical or biological attacks on U.S. soil or against American troops overseas. ... It breaks with 50 years of American counterproliferation efforts by authorizing pre-emptive strikes on states and terrorist groups that are close to acquiring weapons of mass destruction. ... Against today's new enemies, the administration has argued, it may be necessary to strike pre-emptively and with nuclear weapons that would keep fallout to a minimum."

Hello? 911? I'd like to report an armed and dangerous nation, behaving erratically and with disregard for law. Could you send a cop to check it out?

Oh. It is the cop? Well, then. I'll just be hiding in the basement. Thanks for your time.
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