January 28th, 2003

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)


Finally back home and settled in after the tail end of Further Confusion. A big wave of the paw to dracana, kinkyturtle, and perlandria, all of whom I met at the con. The rest of you will have to come next year, especially since Aetobatus is already plotting some evil and nefarious scheme to drag me into an as yet undefined but persumably important staff position, so that I can get even less sleep over the course of the event than I did this year.

Full con report to come later, probably in my journal (this isn't my journal, it's my LJ). In the meantime, a question.

How many of you -- if any -- plan to attend PantheaCon (different month, different fringe, same hotel)? perlandria has me intrigued, especially the bit about "Iron Priestess Discordia," who participates in just about the most bizarre and curiosity-provoking Iron Chef take-off I've ever heard of. Thing is, I'm going to feel out of my social depth if I don't know anyone there, and I'm still trying to shake a (probably totally undeserved) bad mindset about the sort of panels I'd see there, so I'm still looking for a solid reason to go. Response here will probably be the determining factor in whether I try to show up overnight, for just a token appearance, or not at all this year.

(For the record, I will, as usual, be at BayCon this year, though plans are a little shakier than usual because I haven't really gotten to talk with the current newsletter head yet. Whoever that is.)