March 5th, 2003

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Satiating my geek curiosity

For some reason, reading a random comment firestrike left here made me wonder how many LJ usernames corresponding to AD&D magic spells are taken.

fireball and lightningbolt are, as one would immediately expect, taken. However, if you must have an attack spell username, "coneofcold" is stll free; and, somewhat surprisingly to me, "magicmissile" is available.

featherfall is taken, as well as light (duh). silence is, but "silence15" isn't, or any similar variation. bless is, but not "curelightwounds" or the more abstract (and poetic) "curelight".

Even the extremes are taken, from cantrip all the way up to wish (though not "prismaticsphere", which is kind of a stretch, I'll admit).

flamestrike, which is what I was thinking of in the first place, is a deleted journal. polymorph is taken. Oddly, "geas" is not. Nor are "cloudkill" and "dancinglights", both of which seem entirely worthy of use.

I tried looking up "teleportwithouterror" (teleport, check) and "circleofprotection", just in case, but LJ tells me "malformed username." Perhaps there's a character limit the longer spell names exceed?