March 16th, 2003

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

More gamer geeking

I have recently discovered that KenzerCo has started reprinting the "Barringer Rebellion" strips in their webcomic version of the print comic Knights of the Dinner Table, KODT Online. The Barringer strips start here in the archives, and will probably be kept online for about a month; download the strips locally if you like what you read.

"The Barringer Rebellion" is, in my opinion and that of many other gaming geeks I know, one of the classic moments in RPG humor, and undisputably one of the highlights of the early KODT strips.

It also inspired me, incidentally, to create a Warcraft II map -- a one-player scenario in which you must swarm an army of nothing but peasants over a force of defenders, finally taking on the Untouchable Trio themselves. As I'm currently in the middle of a computer upgrade, I don't have the file offhand, but if anyone has enough interest to ask I can try to dig it up and post it for your amusement.